Salaahakaars- the Strategy and Consulting event

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Parivartan 2019 - The annual business fest of Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi presents to you Salaahakaars- the Strategy and Consulting event. This event will enable the best of minds to come together to solve a real world business problem and present your take on the same. To get the best of students to showcase their prowess, we have 3 rounds of screening before reaching the Grand Finale.

Salaahkaars event is divided into four rounds:

Round 1 - Preliminary Round

Breaking away from the monotonous online quizzes, the first round will involve solving a guesstimate. Participants will be given a half an hour window wherein, they could either share a video or send in a word document, explaining the flow of the problem given.

Round 2 - Case Study Round

Selected teams from the previous round will be provided with the case study. The presentations with your analysis needs to be sent in by the Top 7 teams would be selected for the grand finale.

Round 3 - Campus Round

The Final round will happen in our campus, IIT Delhi, wherein the top 7 teams will present their analysis to our esteemed panellists and fight it out and be crowned the Ultimate Salaahkaars.


  • There will be three online rounds, each having elimination.
  • The event is open to B-school students pursuing MBA and Engineering students.
  • The number of participants per team can be 2 or 3.
  • Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
  • No change in team structure will be entertained after registration of the team.
  • One participant cannot be a part of more than one team for this event.
  • The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.
  • The organizers reserve the right to any changes to the rules and regulation.

Registration Start date: 28th Dec'18, 12:00 am (IST)
Registration End date: 15th Jan'18, 11:59 pm (IST)
Round 1 - 10:00 pm, 16th January 2019
Round 2 – 09:00 pm, 20th January 2019
Round 3 – 15th Feb 2019

Prizes Worth Rs.25000/-

Anuj Talwar- 9953939734
Nikhil Aggarwal-9599200179
For any queries, please mail us at

Candidates can register directly through dare2compete