Its not the organizations that are competing. Its the Supply Chain that are competing

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Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” - Philip Kotler

DMS, IIT Delhi’s Intercollege Fest Parivartan 2019, presents to you Opvasion. It is time to be part of the Invasion and conquer all other Operations wizards! Be ready to simulate your brain cells and think from all possible perspectives, go ahead and battle against the best!

This event will test on your knowledge on the milestones in the field, understanding of the concepts of operations, and creative application of these concepts in a hypothetical/real life scenario. Make your mark with the wisdom on operations and presentation skills!

Round-1: The online quiz will be solely evaluated based on the score. In case of a tie, the time stamp will be considered. There will be no negative marks for the wrong answers.
Round-2:  A case study will be provided to winners from round 1. The solution will be evaluated based on understanding of the problem and feasibility of the solution.
Round-3: The top performing teams from round 2 will be called to the campus for presenting their idea to an esteemed panel.


  • A team must register only once.
  • All the team members must be from the same college.
  • A member can register in one team only. Multiple registrations will result in disqualification.
  • The team can be a mixture of first and second year students.
  • Evaluation of submissions is governed by the rules and regulations set by the organizing committee of PARIVARTAN.
  • The organizing committee and the jury reserve the right to reject or withhold any submission or participation without assigning any reasons. In this regard, the decision of the organizing committee is final. 

Registration Start Date-28th Dec'18, 11:59 PM IST
Registration End Date-15th Jan'19, 11:59 PM IST
Online Quiz Start Date-16th Jan'19, 09:15 PM IST
Case Study Release Date-20th Jan'19, 09:00 AM IST
Campus Presentation Date(Tentative)-15th Feb'18, 09:00 AM IST

Prizes worth Rs.1,80,000/-

Daksh Jain (9687720558)
Meera Krishna(9901567006)
For any queries, please mail us at meera.krishna20@dmsiitd.org

Candidates can register directly through dare2compete