A 7-a-side Futsal tourney to showcase to everyone the Ronaldos, the Messis and the Pogbas residing within the teams waiting to be unleashed with the first kick of the ball.

Event Format

  • Each team will have 7 active players (including goal keeper). Maximum squad size allowed is of 10 players
  • Matches will be of 2 halves of 12 minutes each for initial stages, and 15 minutes each for semis and finals. 5 minutes of break will be taken after each half
  • Extra time of 6 minutes will be played in case of tie after full time. Penalties will follow, if there is no result even after extra time. Penalty shootout will consist of 3 penalty kicks followed by sudden death


All teams are supposed to report 15 minutes before the scheduled commencement of their matches

  • Rolling substitutions are allowed. There is no limit on number of substitutions.
  • There is NO OFFSIDE in Futsal.
  • Only interceptions, blocks and clean tackles are allowed.
  • Rough tackles are not allowed, and will result in a yellow card. Any tackle on the keeper inside D-area would be a foul, except in case of a back-pass.
  • Kick-ins will be taken instead of throw-ins in case the ball goes out of the side lines.
  • When the ball goes out, the players are not allowed to hit the ball directly into the goal. A goal scored in such a fashion would not be allowed and the team would concede possession.
  • The keeper can only throw underarm when in possession. The goal keeper can use his hands but can't carry or hold the ball for Futsal.
  • 5 second rule applies whenever the play is resumed (kick-in, corner, goal kick).
  • Penalty rule: Only “one-step kick” on the goal allowed.
  • Yellow card rule: The player will have to leave the field for 3 minutes (time to be noted by assistant referee), the team will play without that member meanwhile.
  • Red card rule: 2 yellow cards or direct red results in a player being sent-off, the team will play with one member less for the rest of the match.
  • Innings break- 5 mins.


Prizes worth Rs. 6500 to be won !!!


To be announced later


Utkarsh Agarwal (9654741842)
Abhishek Dutta (9831650838)