Batsmen standing tall, bowlers swinging the ball, zest for glory, do you have it all? A game we all play; a game we all love. Yes this is cricket, a chance to be a part of the famers’ hall.

Event Format

  • Minimum 9 and maximum 12 players allowed per team.
  • There will be no field restrictions
  • All rounds will be knock out rounds.


  • Matches will be played in daylight with tennis balls.
  • The squad must be named before the toss for every game.
  • Matches will be 10 overs a side.
  • 2 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 3 overs each.
  • Runner would not be allowed under any circumstances.
  • 1 bouncer per over allowed.
  • Wide, No Balls, Byes count for extra runs.
  • Free Hit for a no ball due to any reason.
  • Innings break- 5 mins.


Prizes worth Rs. 7500 to be won !!!


To be announced later


Abhishek Gupta (7078012721)
Utkarsh Agarwal (9654741842)