About Parivartan

One of the most eagerly awaited business festivals, Parivartan is aimed at providing the young management prodigies of the country a platform to know, discuss and debate on contemporary corporate and social issues, thus igniting in them the fire to think and deliver. It is aimed at providing an opportunity to all the B-School barons culled from all corners of the country to pull up their socks and get down to identifying opportunities and indulge in some interesting brainstorming, delve into problems and develop innovative solutions to transcend all the stereotypes and emerge the real winners.

The Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, known for its tradition of intellectual diversity, has long been at the forefront of research and teaching on the role of management in the country. We are dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge related to management through research, teaching, industry-academic interface and various professionals and policy contributions. Each year, we welcome various departmental speakers, academics, and practitioners, in a variety of forums, in addition to the numerous and unparalleled public events and lectures hosted by the institute.

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